Account Receivable Financing

Turn that IOU into some cold, hard cash.

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Loan Amount

Up to 80% of Receivables

Loan Term

Up to 1 Year

Time to Funds

As Soon as 72 Hours

Interest Rate

As Low as 5%

Unpaid invoices are a nationwide problem. This is the solution.

Did you know that America’s small businesses have $825 billion in unpaid invoices? If you own a business, you probably know what it’s like to have people owe you money. That’s where accounts receivable financing (also sometimes referring to as factoring) comes in. You can gain quick access to cash by selling your purchase orders or receivables so you can get back to business as usual.

Use accounts receivable financing to get capital in a jiffy.

If you need quick access to working capital, accounts receivable financing is an ideal solution. In addition to the low factor rates, opting for accounts receivable financing saves you all the time you would’ve spent trying to collect on those outstanding debts yourself.

You can qualify even if you don’t have amazing credit. (Phew.)

Here’s what makes accounts receivable financing unique: your credit rating isn’t very relevant. Why not? Because the factoring company will be more focused on the credit of the company that owes you money, as it’s the crucial factor that determines how likely the factoring company is to get paid once ownership of the invoice has been transferred. This underscores how important it is for you to work with legitimate, creditworthy folks. Play with fire and you might get burned. Reliable clients, on the other hand, will pay you faster and more consistently. And if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to use accounts receivable financing (like right now), their financial health will provide you with better financing options. You can apply for accounts receivable financing in a matter of minutes. Simply fill out our application, then compare options from 75+ leading lenders.

No collateral? No problem.

Another cool fact about accounts receivable financing is that it doesn’t require any collateral. This means that you’ll never need to put your beloved ‘69 Firebird on the line in order to get the small business capital you need.

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