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Loan Amount


Loan Term

1-5 Years

Time to Funds

As Little as 24 Hours

Interest Rate

As Low as 6%

A business term loan never goes out of style.

We all love a classic because it’s tried and true – we know it’ll work for us time and time again. It’s the same with a business term loan: it’s the stable, flexible way to get more working capital, grow your business, and build your credit. If you’re craving a simple small business financing solution, this is it.

A simple loan with flexible features.

No two businesses are alike. For example, your business is way different from that wacky startup your brother-in-law keeps trying to get you involved in. So business term loans are set up to meet almost any unique business need. You can leverage your loan for everything from capital improvements to financing new equipment to hiring more staff. In other words, you can use your business term loan for, oh, just about any opportunity you want to capitalize on – even if that includes offering your services to your brother-in-law’s wacky startup. No judgment here.

Applying for your business term loan is easy.

All you need to do to see your business term loan options is spend about 15 minutes answering questions in our free online application. You’ll be asked to enter information about your credit score, time in business, and collateral. You may also need to upload your P&L statements or bank statements to show your revenue. Once approved, you can access your funds in as little as 24 hours.

A fixed rate keeps your payments predictable.

Your business term loan will typically have a fixed interest rate or fixed flat fee, which means your payments will stay the same over the lifetime of your 1-5 year term. This makes it easy to determine how much financing you can afford, as well as keep up with your monthly payments until the loan is paid off

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