Merchant Cash Advance

Get quick access to capital using the collateral of the future.

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Loan Amount


Loan Term

Up to 2 Years

Time to Funds

As Soon as 24 Hours

Interest Rate

As Low as 18%

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When you need fast cash, your options are often limited. After all, traditional lenders aren’t usually known for their rapid payouts. You can hedge your bets by taking the traditional route and waiting months or weeks for loan approval…or you can get a merchant cash advance. This type of financing enables you to borrow against future earnings and get the cash you need when you need it.

Leverage your future earnings to get a cash advance now.

A merchant cash advance is the preferred option for many businesses that need fast access to capital. Whether you’ve come across a growth opportunity that’s too good to pass up or you need capital to cover the equipment that finally bit the dust, a merchant cash advance has you covered. And you can often get funded in just 24 hours. Once the funds are advanced to you, you’ll repay the loan by having a percentage of your daily credit card deposits withheld for the lender.

Qualifying for a merchant cash advance is a breeze.

It may actually take longer to say merchant cash advance than to qualify for one. The requirements for this type of financing are pretty lenient due to the nature and terms of the loan. In most cases, you won’t need to submit a mountain of financial documents and there won’t be a credit pull. And you can keep all your precious collateral to yourself. Typically, your lender will simply want to review your past 4-6 months of bank statements or receivables. You can apply for your merchant cash advance in a matter of minutes. Just fill out our super-simple application, then compare options from 75+ leading lenders.

Get the best rate with our expert guidance.

Securing an affordable factor rate is key to making your merchant cash advance work for you. The first step toward getting a good rate is to do your homework and determine how much capital you need. Then our personal funding managers help you compare offers and choose a deal that fits your needs and budget.

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